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What is 50x2030?

50x2030 is a new initiative to strengthen the capacity of agricultural statistical systems in 50 LIC/LMIC countries by 2030. It is jointly implemented by FAO, the WB and IFAD and mostly financed by the BMGF; USAID; Germany; Australia; Italy; and. Whereas FAO leads on the Data Production component and the WB on the Methods and Tools component; IFAD is in charge of the Data Use componentIFAD’s engagement focuses on promoting the use of agricultural data for policy and decision making, through dedicated support that each country receives for 5-7 years. More information on 50x2030 can be found here.


How does IFAD implement the Data Use Component of 50x2030?

IFAD has developed the 50x2030 Data Use Framework, which identifies seven key factors that promote (or constrain) data use: Demand, Expertise, Availability, Access, Awareness, Utility, and Trust. IFAD begins each country engagement by conducting a Data Use Assessment, which entails an extensive research including literature review, an online survey and key informant interviews. The results of this Assessment are validated through an in-country workshop and set the basis for the development of a Joint Implementation Plan. This Plan outlines the activities that will strengthen the use of data within the next 5-7 years. Data Use Activities largely depend on each country’s needs but typically include technical assistance, workshops, capacity-building activities and training, conferences, among others.


What does ‘50x2030’ data mean and how these data can facilitate my work? 

We refer to ‘50x2030 data’ as the data assets (datasets, data products, platforms, tools, technologies) that countries produce with support from the 50x2030 Initiative. As we strongly believe in the importance of data for making evidence-based decisions, we are sharing below a series of datasets that can be of help in performing your work in IFAD. From designing a new project to supporting policy engagement, understanding IFAD’s impact or assessing how the agricultural sector is evolving, data should be at the centre of our work as development practitioners.

We hope you find these data useful. Our 50x2030 team remains available for any further assistance in using these data.


The 50x2030 Team in IFAD - The people behind the work:



         Sara Savastano                            Bidisha Barooah                          Michael Steiner                            Joanna Feng                                 Aliou Mballo                             Mariano Pidal                      

            RIA Director                        Lead Technical Specialist             Sr. Consultant, 50x2030               Sr. Technical Specialist                     Technical Specialist                      Technical Analyst              

                                                                                                             Implementation Lead                         (Economist)                                  (Economist)                             (Economist)