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This is the space to share ideas and opinions on knowledge management in the IFAD projects and initiatives in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The purpose of this platform is to support collaboration and the exchange of information between all those involved in these different initiatives, focusing on the 
problems seen in the field, reflecting and building on their individual experiences, and then using the lessons learnt to support the different operations in the field.

Send your opinions, questions or ideas with an e-mail to CENkm@ifad.dgroups.io 
You can also use this platform for direct messages, a chat discussion or for polls, and you can also add information to the wiki - and make sure all other members read it. For more information, please read the guidelines on the top left menu.

Starting in January 2021, we are using this platform for online discussions on knowledge management and its contribution to projects and field operations. These discussions are meant to 
  • help establish contacts between those with similar problems (or with a similar experience), allowing them to share particularly relevant information
  • provide the possibility for chance encounters and serendipity (especially considering those who are not in the same team or in the same office)
  • provide the space for a joint reflection process; helping participants to focus on common problems and to provide recommendations that can then be shared with other teams
  • serve as a mentoring or peer-assist initiative (see https://ifadkmcentre.weebly.com/peer-assist.html), with a staff member supporting one or more individuals on the basis of his/her experience and knowledge
  • help participants look in detail at their own work, at the activities they have tried and at the results they have seen, taking many of the elements of an experience capitalization approach, and
  • serve as a capacity building effort, linking participants’ challenges and experience to the available guidebooks, manuals and courses – and to the ideas, advice and recommendations of all other participants
For more information, please go to the wiki page.

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