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Welcome to the SUSTAIN Community of Practice! Here you can exchange knowledge, share information, learn together and get professional support to implement ESC safeguards and SECAP​ standards.

SUSTAIN is intended to strengthen borrower ESC institutional frameworks and implementation capacities, improve ESC skills of direct and indirect target groups, and enhance partnerships and knowledge sharing between and within regions.

SUSTAIN goes beyond designing and delivering trainings: it is a participatory initiative that connects people to foster exchange and learning.



SUSTAIN ensures local ownership at every step, by involving the different target audiences in the design of the training and the accompanying knowledge sharing activities while working across three following components;
  1. Participatory Development of Capacity Building Program on ESC standards,
  2. Delivery of Capacity Building,
  3. Communities of Practice 


SUSTAIN directly addresses 59 low-income and lower-middle-income countries, including fragile countries, in the Asia and Pacific, East and Southern Africa, and West and Central Africa regions.



The grant aims to benefit at least 600 primary recipients including government staff from PMUs, key sector ministries and ESC regulatory bodies. Additionally, it is foreseen that a range of additional experts and institutions as well as access to materials and online events will be given to a global community of interested stakeholders




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