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2. Update your profile 

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  • short biography explaining what your background is and what you are working on;  

  • The location where you are based.

3. Sending messages 

Our community uses Dgroups which is designed for email-based discussion. You can send a message by writing an email to UgandaDataUseCommunity@ifad.dgroups.io and all members will receive the message via email. 

If you wish to respond to a discussion, simply reply to the email message you wish to react to. All messages can be viewed on the forum's webpage.

Visit the member’s directory to message a single member. 

Messages could be in any language. Unfortunately, the forum does not provide translations. We recommend using Google or DeepL

This forum is moderated by a team of facilitators that will ensure that discussions 

4. Use #hashtags 

To help follow and document conversations, threads (topics) are assigned hashtags - they appear as # in the subject line. Adding a hashtag to a topic title automatically assigns that term as a hashtag to the thread. View here the hashtags that are currently being used. 

5. Receiving messages 

Please add UgandaDataUseCommunity@ifad.dgroups.io to your safe sender list in your email programme. You may wish to set up rules to automatically sort incoming mail into a dedicated folder. By default, you will receive each message posted to the group as an individual email. Change the email delivery preferences to receive a daily or weekly summary of all messages sent.

6. Access knowledge

Visit the group’s wiki page to learn more about our community, GIS applications in IFAD, and what geospatial services exist in IFAD.  

7. Discussion etiquette 

We encourage our members to formulate their messages in a positive, tolerant, and open way. Please stick to the topic being discussed. To avoid any inappropriate messages the discussions will be monitored and moderated. 

Some tips and guidelines for enjoyable discussions: 

  • Participate: The group will only be useful if we all participate. Be ready to exchange, share, post, reply! 

  • Help others: Sharing knowledge and information, means helping others.

  • Respect others: We have a diverse group of members, with different backgrounds and from different contexts. It is important we respect each other and each other's point of view. 

  • Add background information and sources: When possible add background information, links, sources, etc. so the other members can read/learn more about the topic you are sharing. 

  • Be creative: Any new ideas for a discussion or an activity you would like to organize? Let us know - together we'll improve the community: UgandaDataUseCommunity+owner@ifad.dgroups.io

8. Support

Nothing is perfect, neither will this group be. Do you spot any mistakes? Is something not working properly? Please report it to the UgandaDataUseCommunity+owner@ifad.dgroups.io. We will try to fix it. 

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